Prime Mining Corp. is a high grade precious metals discovery in Mexico, delivering shareholder value through strong leadership and technical excellence

Unrivaled Track Record of Value Creation

Discover Prime Mining Corp., a prestigious member of the TSX Venture 50 under the brilliant guidance of CEO Daniel J. Kunz. This exceptional company brings together an all-star cast of accomplished mining executives, proficient capital market mavens, and skilled local operators, all devoted to unveiling the immense possibilities of the high-grade Los Reyes Gold-Silver project in Sinaloa, Mexico.

With a meticulously designed capital structure, team, and insider ownership, Prime Mining is poised for phenomenal returns in the world of precious metals.


Prime Mining Corp presents a highly compelling value proposition, underscored by their recent substantial investment of approximately US$30 million in direct exploration. This financial commitment reflects their dedication to uncovering the project’s full potential. Furthermore, their recent announcement of doubling the gold-silver resource in May 2023, resulting from the successful Prime Phase 1&2 drilling, serves as a testament to their exploration capabilities and the project’s promising prospects.

What sets this project apart is its exceptional grade, making it one of the highest-grade gold-silver discoveries in the world. The presence of such high-grade deposits increases the project’s attractiveness and enhances its potential for significant returns. Moreover, the project benefits from straightforward mining and processing techniques, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness in operations. Being situated in a top-tier global mining jurisdiction further adds to its appeal, providing a favorable regulatory and operational environment.

To further strengthen their commitment, the company has embarked on expanding insider ownership. This includes active participation and increased ownership by the management, board members, and supportive cornerstone shareholders. Such alignment of interests between insiders and external stakeholders instills confidence in the project’s future success and signifies a strong belief in its potential.

Collectively, the company’s deep value proposition, bolstered by substantial investments, the doubling of gold-silver resources, strong financial backing, high-grade deposits, favorable mining jurisdiction, and expanding insider ownership, positions the project as an enticing opportunity with promising growth prospects.



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